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Imagine you're stuck in a tricky situation, your phone is your lifeline, and suddenly you see "SOS" on your iPhone screen. Panic mode, right? But wait, let's break it down and understand what this mysterious SOS feature is all about and how it can be your best friend in emergencies.

What is SOS on iPhone?

So, what does SOS stand for? Simply put, SOS is an emergency feature on your iPhone designed to get you help fast when you're in trouble. It's like having a superhero in your pocket, ready to leap into action when you need it the most.

History of SOS on iPhone

Apple introduced the SOS feature with iOS 11, aiming to provide a quick and easy way for users to contact emergency services. Over the years, this feature has evolved, adding more functionality and becoming an integral part of iPhone's safety toolkit.

How Does SOS Work?

The SOS feature is straightforward yet powerful. When you activate it, your iPhone automatically calls emergency services in your area. Plus, it sends your current location to your emergency contacts, keeping them in the loop about your situation. Think of it as your digital distress signal.

Activating SOS on iPhone

Activating SOS can be done in a few ways, depending on your iPhone model. On newer models (iPhone 8 and later), you press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons until the SOS slider appears. For older models, rapidly pressing the side (or top) button five times brings up the SOS slider. Slide to call emergency services or let the countdown finish, and the call will be made automatically.

Customizing SOS Settings

Want to personalize your SOS settings? Head to Settings > Emergency SOS. Here, you can turn on Auto Call, add emergency contacts, and tweak how the feature works. It's like customizing your superhero suit to fit perfectly.

Using SOS in Emergencies

In an emergency, every second counts. Knowing how to use the SOS feature can be a lifesaver. Whether you're lost, injured, or in danger, activating SOS gets you help fast. Remember, it's not just for you—activating SOS also alerts your loved ones, giving them peace of mind and a heads-up on your location.

What Happens When You Use SOS?

Once you activate SOS, your iPhone dials emergency services and sends a text message with your location to your emergency contacts. If your location changes, they get updated, keeping everyone informed. It’s like having a personal dispatcher updating your status in real-time.

SOS and Location Sharing

Location sharing is a crucial part of the SOS feature. It ensures that your emergency contacts know exactly where you are, even if you move. This can be especially helpful if you're in an unfamiliar area or if your situation changes rapidly.

Battery Life and SOS

Worried about battery life? The SOS feature is designed to be efficient, but it does use some battery. To ensure your phone is always ready, keep it charged and consider carrying a portable charger. After all, even superheroes need to recharge.

Common Issues with SOS

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. You might face issues like accidental activations or problems with location tracking. If you encounter these, check your settings, make sure your phone is updated, and test the feature in a safe environment. If problems persist, contact Apple Support.

Benefits of SOS Feature

The SOS feature is a powerful tool that can make a significant difference in emergencies. It offers peace of mind, knowing you have a quick way to get help and inform your loved ones. It's like carrying a little extra security in your pocket.

Safety Precautions

While SOS is a fantastic feature, use it responsibly. False alarms can tie up emergency services and prevent them from helping others in need. Familiarize yourself with how to cancel an accidental SOS call to avoid unnecessary panic.

Future of SOS on iPhone

Looking ahead, the SOS feature is likely to become even more advanced. Imagine integrations with health data, automatic crash detection, and even more precise location tracking. The future of SOS on iPhone looks bright and promising.


So, the next time you see "SOS" on your iPhone, you'll know it's not just a signal—it's a lifeline. Understanding how to use and customize this feature can make a world of difference in an emergency. Stay safe, stay prepared, and let your iPhone be the superhero it was designed to be.


Can I test the SOS feature without actually calling emergency services? 

Yes, you can. Go to Settings > Emergency SOS and use the "Test Emergency Alert" option to familiarize yourself with the process without making an actual call.

Will SOS work if my iPhone is locked? 

Absolutely! You can activate SOS even if your iPhone is locked, ensuring you can get help quickly no matter the situation.

Can I add multiple emergency contacts? 

Yes, you can add multiple emergency contacts through the Health app. Go to the Medical ID section and add the contacts you want to notify in an emergency.

Does SOS work internationally? 

Yes, the SOS feature works internationally, but it connects to the local emergency services number of the country you are in.

What if I accidentally activate SOS? 

If you accidentally activate SOS, you can cancel it by tapping the stop button and confirming you want to end the call. This will prevent the call from going through and sending alerts.

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