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Hey Genius Squad,


Super psyched to connect with you on our site! CORECOLOUR's been vibing with influencers worldwide these past few months, from big names rocking massive followings to the hidden gems crafting top-tier content. Big shoutout to y'all for your insane creativity and pro moves on TikTok and Instagram. You've made us a go-to for phone case aficionados, and for that, we're all kinds of grateful.


Influencers and media peeps, you're the real MVPs in our growth story. And trust us, we're all about keeping it 100 and cherishing this ride together.


Here's the tea: We've noticed tons of passionate creators grinding hard but growing at a snail's pace, struggling to make waves in the tech scene. Despite the hurdles, their dedication to lighting up their channels and inspiring folks hasn't waned a bit.


Sadly, the big leagues often ghost them 'cause of their smaller reach, leaving these talents with zilch in terms of collab cash or gear to review. And yeah, that's led some to hit pauses in their video dreams.


But CORECOLOUR's stepping up with our Creator Supportive Program to level the playing field. We're all about backing those who are all in on crafting cool, tech-savvy content but fly under the radar of big guns. 'Cause hey, hustle and heart should pave the way to success, right?


What's in it for you? Gear, cash through commissions, first dibs on our latest products, and more—all to keep your channel thriving long-term.


Who are we looking for?

① Tech and lifestyle enthusiasts with a YouTube/Instagram/TikTok or other channels...

② Rocking less than 1000 subs or a monthly audience of under 1000 peeps. Not a deal-breaker, though.

③ Active social butterflies on platforms like X, Facebook, Pinterest... Show us your vibe!

④ Consistent video posting for 3+ months, with your latest gem dropped no more than a week ago.

⑤ Down to review our gear? Pick your style, and let's make it happen!


What can we offer?

① Any CORECOLOUR product, even the new drops;

② 15% commission via our affiliate program;

③ First looks or exclusive info on what's coming next;

④ A whopping 90% discount at;

⑤ Support for your giveaway gigs;

⑥ A spotlight for your site or videos on our domain.


Passion should lead to props, period. If you're flying under the radar, lacking collab opportunities, or just wanna spice up your content, slide into our DMs. Let's kick off your influencer journey with CORECOLOUR—proud to rise together!


Hit up our Creator Supportive Program page at:

Or shoot us an email:


Mad love to the influencers and media fam who've helped us become a staple for phone case lovers. Here's another massive thank you. We're all about sincerity and rep. The Creator Supportive Program won't mess with our collabs or dilute our squad goals. For CORECOLOUR, our bond with media and influencers is forever tight and legit.