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A stylish Apple Watch band that appears solidly built

I ordered this watchband about a month ago to complement, several "casual" bands that I purchased for my Apple SE. This one is a bit more dressy and frankly, reminds me of a watchband I had for my Seiko watch many years ago. I've waited a month to get more experience with the band and to see if any of my initial impressions would change. They have not.. I was surprised at the weight of the band. It's heavier than I imagined but not so much so as it is uncomfortable. Instead, it feels solid and on wrist. Overall, I'm pleased with the band-it does what I want it to do and it looks good. I've had no issues with construction or operation thus far, so I think the band will serve my needs well into the future. And for the price, it presents a very good value.

A. Btg
Super Sleek

This is a great watch band. Feels great. Easy to install. I had to take off 4 links. I am impressed with the look of this product & the ease of use. I would definitely recommend to a friend & also buy it again for another watch if a needed a band. I had the metal magnetic band before, but the metal wire always came out & scratched my son when I pass him by or when we are moving stuff. This watch band fit my Apple Watch Series 5 perfectly.

Eryss B
Very good quality

I love this band, very good quality. I'll probably buy more in other colors.. it was super easy to take some links off, highly recommend.

S. Nicole
Love it!

I purchased the black band. I have worn it almost everyday. I noticed one of the sides, the notches have worn down a bit. I have a rigorous job. Would hate for it to slid off at work & my watch get lost & never returned. Came back to purchase another band. Hoping the new one has the same durability. I bought 2 spares as well, b/c I liked it so much.

Looks great and easy to take on/off.

I used to wear a silicone loop with my Apple watch...it lasted just over a year. When pulling on and taking off, the silicone was stretched over my hand...so, of course, it eventually snapped. This watch band is very solid! Occasionally, it will pull the hairs on my arms, but usually it is quite comfortable to wear. The one down-side that I have with it is the wide links make it difficult to get an exact size. The larger links look really nice, but my wrist size is right between two sizes...it's too tight if I take out a link, but too loose if I leave it in. In any case, the links are easy to remove/add.