What's so special about our Armbands?

Sweat & Water Proof

Perfect for those who love the outdoor.

Permeable Mesh

For enhanced cooling sensation.

Reflective Strips

Keeps you safe in the dark.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Patrick R
Medium will fit an iPhone 13

I am on my second armband. I've been using one with my iPhone 6S for several months, running 5 miles 3-4 times/week. I just got an iPhone 13, and needed a different size.

Great for workouts!

This Cell Phone Armband has been working great with my iPhone Xs for months now! I was tired of needing to hold my phone in my hands while jogging, or setting my phone down on the floor while lifting weights. This armband has made my workout experience much easier.Overall, it's very durable and the phone doesn't come off unless I intentionally pull it off. I rarely use the wire holder, but the times I have, I've been very grateful it's there. It helps prevent any swinging and tugging from yanking the ear buds out.The plastic screen cover is thick, but still works great for navigating the phone. It takes a little extra pressure for the phone to recognize a touch with this cover, but I think that's a good thing. It keeps my mind at ease knowing my phone wont fly out, or that a drop of sweat wont trigger the sensors. Well worth the money for a convenient workout!

john c
Armband for iPhone 14 Pro

I wanted something to carry my iPhone 14 Pro while jogging, as it's quite a heavier phone. It fits in the size Medium, but this arm band is mainly just a holster for my phone with added ability to use the touch screen if I wanted to change songs. However, it's difficult to use the side buttons due to how the casing is. Overall, works for my needs of a phone holster without adding too much bulk to my arm.