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Kimberly C
Great Look and Feel

I've had metal watch bands in the past and, while I liked the look, gave up on them because they always snagged on my sweaters. So far this band has snagged very rarely, which is a major plus for me! It was very easy to attach this to my watch, and the band feels comfortable. I have small wrists and the band looks exactly double--if it were any bigger, it would be too loose to wear comfortably. I've worn it during a workout and it hasn't shown any tarnish or ill effects from sweat so far.

Wilson M
Great style

classic design and very comfortable to wear

I love that this band is stainless steel

I bought this band right away when I saw it was stainless steel. I can't wear anything but real gold (most of the time too expensive), sterling silver or stainless steel. And I get tired of always wearing the silicone bands that get dirty too easily or the stretchy fabric bands that I constantly have to tighten throughout the day as they stretch out while wearing them. This band is a very flexible metal and the magnet is super strong. Once it's on your wrist it stays where you put it. It's very comfortable to wear as I don't even notice I'm wearing it - after it's on, no adjustments necessary. the color is definitely worth to be five stars.

SLM 1003
Great for the price

My ordinal red was looking ragged but this works well and looks classy. Great band and easy to change so I will use the ragged one for gardening and sports

Beverly H
Really nice

It fits my wrist perfectly. highly recommend