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Good looking stainless bracelet

Nice and comfortable to wear.

Christopher W
Best one yet!!

I absolutely love this watch band since I've purchased my series 8 watch I have bought probably 16 different watch bands some extremely expensive some super cheap and this is my favorite by far it's heavy doesn't feel light and cheap. It's very nice looking it's thick some of the ones I've purchased were a little skinny from my liking. I'm super glad I bought this watch band.

A. Kinard
It's no Rolex, but now looks worthy of my collection

It's awesome. Great value! Arrived quickly and very nicely packaged with instructions. The band looks and feels like good quality. Upgrades the overall look of my Apple Watch series 8 to that of a luxury designer brand look. It's no Rolex, but it now at least looks more in line with my style when I'm not wearing my Rolex. Lol

Ellen S
Band is good

The band seems pretty good quality and fairly easy to adjust. When adjusting links there are arrows in the inside of the links signifying which way to push the pins out.

Willson D
Looks sharp. Feels snug. So far so good.

I got this today and installed it and so far am loving the way it looks and feels. Looks just like the band on my watch ' expensive, durable, shiny. But the installation was tricky for the first couple parts until I realised I was doing it wrong...I found the diagram on taking out links kind of confusing (the arrows and things). Make sure you're screwing the pins in and out the right way!! I have a small wrist and only kept in one removable link.It looks great. I'm curious to see if it scratches or the clasp breaks, but until then, I love the way it looks. My boyfriend says it looks great too!