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Robert M
Rather have a cracked screen protector than a cracked screen any day

I have a corecolour case and have used them for years. My husband works construction and just like the case, the screen protectors have save his phone on many occasions form irreversible damage. So the screen protector does exactly what it's suppose too, it cracks when taking the brunt of a fall or hit, and saves the actual screen form damage. Yes, he has had a few of these, I will admit. But the reason why I will get these again and again is because they have proven to be highly protective in every instance.

Brandon B.
Great screen protector

Easy to install, and its about what you would expect.

Salina K
Frustration free installation

So easy. I'll use corecolour screen protectors on my other devises next time I have another. Definitely recommended. Frustration free installation.

saunak m
Ultimate protection for your iPhone

Easy to fit screen guard. Comes with a setting frame that makes itmore easy to apply all by yourself. Premium quality materials used and blends with the screen edges.

Will purchase corecolour screen protectors for the rest of my life!

after many falls, my phone fell face first onto a tile floor and cracked. Or so I thought. Turns out only the screen protector cracked! My phone was safe! The cost for a new screen protector was nothing compared to the cost of a repair. BUY THIS SCREEN PROTECTOR***This is not like the old screen protectors of years past. Installation was a snap. No worry about fingerprints, lining up etc. INSTALLATION - WOW. I will always buy this screen protector for future phones. The installation was insanely easy and lines up perfectly. LONGEVITY - Cannot speak to longevity as I've only had it for a few days.PROTECTION - Cannot comment yet as it's only been a few days and hopefully will be a very long time before the phone is dropped. :)BUY THIS FOR THE EASE OF INSTALLATION.