What's so special about our waterproof products?

Secure Locking Design

Locks on both sides for easy and secure seal.

Highly Responsive Touch

Reserves the sensitivity.

IPX8 Certified Waterproof

Certified to keep your phone safe and dry.



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beagle L
Nice accessory for protecting phone from water.

I used this phone protector in Hawaii and it kept my phone dry as a bone. I spent hours snorkeling with this lanyard around my neck and my phone floating freely. My phone stayed dry and I was able to record videos and take photos with ease. My only complaint is the screen sensitivity diminishes when the phone is under water in this protective case. I had to begin recording videos of sealift above water and then submerge my phone because the touch screen would not respond through the case under water.

They work!

Tested them at home with paper like other suggested and was confident enough to take them on vacation. Let me tell you, we took some photos in the water and they came out better than expected. The touch screen struggled a tiny bit trying to take photos underwater but that's possibly user error too.Then we had the biggest test. Three very big, very sudden waves in quick succession dragged us underwater and back towards the shore through a blast of sandy water. I kid you not. Sand got EVERYWHERE. Water streamed out of our noses. And our phones? 100% dry.Buy these. Test them to make sure they're not faulty, then take all the photos your heart desires without worrying about damaging your phone.

Vickie K
Excellent case, bad lanyard

The case itself I give a strong 5 stars! It kept my phone dry through five days of rain in Florida and in the pool. I liked having my phone and money around my neck while riding rides at Disney World. I had to take my phone out of its protective case to really fit inside. I took great photos and videos with the phone inside it and mostly had no problems with touch screen (only when it got really humid). The lanyard gets 2 stars. I kept having to adjust the length bc it kept expanding, the case came loose from the lanyard easily and I almost lost my phone bc of this, and the hoop that connects the case to the lanyard broke after four days. I recommend using the case but getting a good lanyard that can clip onto it.

Perfect in the pool

Works exactly as designed. Fits my Pixel 6 in it's case as well. No issues with touchscreen responsiveness and allows complete comfort knowing your phone can be submerged.

William W
Took this to Belize and decided to set it in ...

Took this to Belize and decided to set it in the back of our kayak instead of around my neck. Well, kayak flips, phone goes in the water. My only mistake was thinking it floated. Sank right to the bottom. After 45 min of snorkeling in about 8 ft of water we found it and thank goodness it was airtight and never let any water in!! Note to yourself: wear it around your neck or attached to something always!